S hvězdami budete za hvězdu

By Radomír Panna | Published 27.8.2015 | Full size is 954 × 1224 pixels

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  1. Bryson napsal:
    It's so obvious that Barry is hiding evnyethirg, including his lack of eligibility in three different ways. The fact that Congress and the lame stream media, which includes Fox, keep ignoring the biggest fraud/scam in history is infuriating beyond belief.
  2. Laticia napsal:
    Oh i almost forgot about the endings mony, dog, sister. POINTLESS. why becasue if you chose the family one i think you DONT GET TO SEE YOUR SISTER. and money is so simple to get the only reason you do it is for the trsp3y/poh. The only good one was Needs of the many i think.